So, there has been a lot of development recently, i.e. the badger cull extension, "it's not me who moved the goalposts" etc, so I thought I would have a bit of a quick post on here.
Now, as I was watching BBC One with a nice cup of tea this evening the main story on BBC Spotlight (South West local news) was how the badger cull extension in Somerset was finished and DEFRA's numbers had been counted. It turns out that despite the '2081 dead in 6 weeks' target, only 940 have been killed in a total of 9 weeks in Somerset. Roughly 40%. 30% lower than the 70% that would be needed to make any form of difference, according to the government (not even mentioning the 50% increase in overall cost). For those who are not familiar with Paterson mathematics, 70% of an unknown number = 2081...?
Anyway, there's news that the Gloucestershire cull is on a similar track, so i suppose my question is, what now?
Both pilot culls have blatantly failed, hundreds of badgers have been killed for no benefit, and as always, pro cull people are making excuses for their failures (George Eustice MP as a prime example - Farming Minister/MP for Camborne and Redruth).
And yes Detective Badger, it's a mystery to us all!



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