Hello everyone! So it's rapidly approaching the end of March, and whilst I have 5 minutes to myself I thought I would come and write to all of you lovely people out there. 

We now have a number (estimate) for the number of  badgers that are going to be shot in Gloucestershire. 5000. Yes, 5000 badgers just in Summer 2013. This comes with the news that the Government will be paying policing costs for the badger cull, so the police will not be out of pocket. I wonder how much this will cost? Apparently, just policing the cull for 4 years will cost an estimated £4 million alone. For more on this information see here. http://www.southwestbusiness.co.uk/news/18032013082247-government-to-pay-cost-of-policing-badger-cull-in-gloucestershire/In other, lighter news, this website has been featured on peta2's blog. Any publicity is good publicity right?

Things seem to have gone quiet on the campaign but I think we will need to get back up and running soon, so let me know any next steps you think of. 

While I'm here, I thought I might mention a peaceful protest walk in Highnam Woods, Gloucestershire on the 1st April 2013. Please remember this is a PEACEFUL protest.

On that note, here is a cute picture of a badger waving to you all.



David Stevens
03/18/2013 10:40am

The numbers are Somerset minimum 2081 and maximum 2162 and for Gloucestershire minimum 2856 and maximum 2932.

03/18/2013 10:50am

Oh yes! Thank you for that David, I got my information wrong. "The shooting of almost 5,000 badgers is expected to start in June and cost the force millions of pounds." I will sort that out now, thanks!

David Stevens
03/19/2013 3:03am

No poblem. Forgot to say like the picture!


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