Hello people,
I'm sorry I haven't been around lately, I had no internet for a while and I had school work to do *yawn* but I've now updated the website with new links and news, and I hope to speak to some of you soon, as I need to figure out what next steps should be, as Owen Paterson is keen to press on with the badger cull against the majority of public opinion's and wishes.
I think for now I shall just keep the website updated, and when new news comes through I'll publish it and publicise it.
I will take this opportunity to let you all know about a new website in the making. It's going to be www.b-a-n-s.weebly.com and it will be a website/campaign against the horrific 'Toro Embolado' in Spain, where bulls are tortured in the name of entertainment. I must warn you though, this website is not for the faint hearted, however I shall let you know when it is finished and published. I must stress that this is my mum's campaign, some of you may know her as '@peggyrussell' on Twitter, I am simply making the website and and using social networking as a hub, mum is the brains of the campaign. With this website, it was all my own doing, where as this time, I am employed by my mum.
Anyway, hope you are all well, things have gone a bit quieter now but I will make sure to keep up to date.
Thanks everyone!
All the best
Olivia x


12/28/2012 12:54pm

Geezer and Charlie say "keep up the good work"


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