Hello everyone,

May I first apologise for not being around for a while. I have tried my best to keep the news page updated but I have now started school again so it has become slightly more difficult.
Anyway, I have decided to post today because firstly, I wanted to say well done to you all on the success that is the government e-petition which now has over 153,000 signatures! Hopefully the government will now listen.
However, earlier this week a cull license was issued in West Somerset, and the news has been broken that the badger cull could start in Gloucestershire as soon as this weekend! So, I have still have faith, and I am going to dedicate any spare time I have to helping the badgers, and I hope you may join me in doing so.
I have decided to use social media as my weapon of choice, and publish any articles I find about the badger cull, as well as contacting important, influential people to see if they will help us. At a time like this, publicity is key.
I urge you to continue peaceful protest, please do not become violent or unreasonable. We are the ones with the strong case, and we are the ones who can save lives through sense and good arguments, we just need to carry on with what we are doing.
May I also say well done and thank you to Brian May, and Simon King for all their hard work, all of you and anyone who has helped!
Well, I am going to go and see if I can help, thank you for your time and I will post again soon to let you all know how it is going.

Olivia x


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