There's no doubt about it, yesterday truly was a sad day for Badgers, as the Badger Trust lost the appeal against the decision to cull badgers in the pilot areas of Somerset and Gloucestershire, which may I say, the exact boundaries of have not been made public. But all hope is not lost.
Yesterday I went to a rally against the badger cull on the college green in Bristol. It was fantastic to see how much support the badgers have, and I met some really lovely, influential people from the League Against Cruel Sports, the RSPCA and others such as a farmer, a Conservative MP and Brian May, who were all against the badger cull. They all spoke out up on the stage, about the causes of TB, alternative methods of reducing TB in cattle and badgers, and some shocking statistics.
One of them showing clearly how much of a WASTE OF TIME this cull really is. Gavin Grant from the RSPCA said this "You know something? Even the government know that it's wrong, because they say this 'Should it all work as it's meant to, that the improvement in TB in our national herds will be 16%. One six. Now you might think that because the government is so committed to this policy, that our national herd, the dairy cows of this country, must be racked with TB? There must be hardly a one that's uninfected? Well here's the truth of it. TB affects, is present in between 4 and 6% of our national herd. Now I know they're making GCSE and A-Level Maths tougher nowadays, but even I can work out that 16% of 6% is 1%. So for slaughtering 70% plus of the badger population, the government itself says that the improvement at best, will be 1% of the cows of this country. Well I say to the ministers of this land, they might be making Mathematics and other exams tougher, but you should ask your own selves some serious questions here. How can it make sense, to slaughter 70% to improve the lot of 1%? The maths simply don't stack up."
You can see his whole speech here on Youtube. I will post other information soon.
Tomorrow I'm in the local newspaper too about the campaign, hopefully it will raise awareness of what's going on here. All is not lost.

Me and Brian May at the rally against the badger cull in Bristol (below)



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