Before I begin, I would like to introduce myself. I am Olivia, an average 15 year old with a passion for wildlife. I enjoy birdwatching, walking on public footpaths, rambling(the walking sort that is!) and playing instruments. I play Ukulele, Recorder, Violin and a bit of Bass Guitar. I also enjoy photography, painting and drawing along with poetry and writing, and maybe I will share my work on here someday.
Anyway, to the point, I have had an idea as to how I can do my bit for the environment, and how I can help save the badgers of Great Britain, but I'm afraid I will need your help to do it. I have set up this small albeit handy little website, in the hope that it may inspire you to join the campaign. I have also set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account (as you can see at the very top of this page), so that it is even easier to contact me or show your support. On the website I am hoping to draw people's attention to the WHAT YOU CAN DO page, as this has handy links as to how you can contribute to the campaign, depending on how much or how little amount of time you have. You can sign a petition, or you can write to an MP. All of the MP's in and around the two pilot areas have had their details typed up by myself so that you can just copy and paste their email address and copy and paste the email plea template if you wish, and just add your name and their name. You may wish to add as more personal touch, if so, you can edit the template or just write your own email, what ever you feel you have time for. I really appreciate any help at all, and you can post on the forum page and let me know if you have taken any action, that would be fantastic!
Lastly, I would just like to say thank you for visiting the website, I hope you stick around, and I will be posting again soon to let you all know what's new. Why not come on over to the forum and say hello, or use the contact form to let me know what you think?
Thanks again
Olivia xx


09/05/2012 12:47am

You have created a fantastic website full of useful information that sends the right message. I hope people will be inspired and educated by your website. Very well done Olivia you should be proud of your efforts!

09/11/2012 1:45am

kudos! A trustworthy blog, thanks for putting an effort to publish this information. very informative and does exactly what it sets out to do. thumbs up! :)

Joseph Aidan

David Stevens,Somerset
09/14/2012 11:32am

One error in your introduction. You are not an average 15 year old - you are much more than that! Keep up the good work.

09/24/2012 7:58pm

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